We received a request from a business that recognized the limitations of existing services in 2020, which relied on specialists or operators and manual labor using specialized software, demanding significant hardware resources. All of this was too slow for the client. Our case elevated to the level of a SaaS-solution, automating a substantial portion of the tasks performed by color specialists and retouchers through the application of neural networks and machine learning.

Revolutionizing video colorization with an ML-powered SaaS solution, we automated manual tasks, reducing infrastructure costs by 50%. Our innovative approach secured funding, proving a 7-10 times speedup in the colorization and retouching process.

Project Description:
We streamlined video coloring process by creating an ML-empowered SaaS solution for our client. By using the solution, a user can upload a video, select tasks from a list, and our software processes it. A user can review and download the improved video easily.

The developed solution played a pivotal role in the proof of concept of our customer, securing initial funding in the first round. This success validated the viability and potential of our approach.
Infrastructure costs were slashed by half compared to other solutions that are utilized by users
The colorization and retouching process speeded up by 7-10 times for the end-users.

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